Saturday, 21 January 2012

Getting In On An Emerging Neighbourhood

Usually in these rants, I like to go on about the city as a whole or zone in on a specific emerging neighbourhood  - those transforming areas of Toronto that are changing from downtrodden or dull to culturally cool and distinctive. They're places where I believe you could invest wisely now, and  see better price appreciation on your home than the average Toronto neighbourhood. There's Danforth Village, Mimico, and the Junction Triangle to name a few. But today, I want to be very specific and move in from Toronto neighbourhood to a property in an emerging neighbourhood. Namely, a condo unit between the Junction Triangle and Brockton (sometimes called Bloordale), near Lansdowne and Bloor, that I believe has quite a bit going for it.

Now let me be clear because I am a real estate agent after all. This is not me trying to promote my own listing. I will not make any money on the sale of this unit. It is, however, a great property in a neighbourhood that may still has a few strip joints on the main drag, but that also has a growing number of art galleries and restaurants moving in. And it doesn't hurt that it's on the subway line.

This unit itself is in an authentic converted loft - a much more unique condo option compared to the cookie cutter giant boxes in some areas of Toronto. It is 900 square feet on 2 floors with a living room, dining room, office and bedroom.  I rarely like to recommend condos that have no parking, but in this particular location, the street parking is not such a bad option because you can actually find parking on the street. It's listed at 355K. And for its size, you would have a hard time finding an authentic loft condo in other parts of the city for a similar price.

If you don't believe me and my hype, see for yourself.

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