Saturday, 1 October 2011

Lansdowne and Bloor revisited

You know, I went to a nice little restaurant, last night, called Zocalo. Less than year old. It was set up on Bloor Street near Lansdowne and Bloor, an intersection famous for it's low-end strip joints and seediness. Despite the neighbourhood, the place was full. Great food at a very reasonable price. Happy customers that kinda felt like they just discovered a well kept culinary secret.  I think there's some thing to be said about being a pioneer in an emerging neigbhourhood like Lansdowne and Bloor. But what does a successful business have to do with residential property demand, you ask? Well, a healthy commercial strip leads to a strong/cool/in demand community, then, eventually,  it becomes a destination that every one wants to travel to, a place too expensive to buy unless you bought early or you have money.  If you're looking for a home close to transit that I believe will have some of the best appreciation over then next 5 to 10 years, then consider this neighbourhood, whether you call  it the Junction Triangle, Bloordale Village or just Bloor and Lansdowne, the seeds have been planted, and good things are gonna happen  here. It won't happen overnight, but at some point the character of this corner is gonna change.

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