Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Exodus to the suburbs?

Toronto Life just came out with a feature story with the title "Exodus to the Burbs" on the front cover. As I read this article, I was left scratching my head. It seems that Toronto Life has interviewed a few people who have moved from the city to the burbs, and then determined that this somehow constitutes an "exodus," like some great migration of Biblical proportions.

In fact, what keeps prices high in the city is the fact that people want to live here, and actually come here. If there was an exodus, prices would be much lower.

Toronto Life does bring up a few things that the burbs do offer - more space, less rat racey and often a quieter environment.   The feature story, however, is so romantic about life outside of the city, it's verging on fiction. They describe this sense of community that exists in the smaller towns and suburbs completely ignoring the very strong sense of community that does exist in the city. In fact, I do know my neighbours, and my neighbourhood functions very much like a small town with it's local butcher, baker, plus all the cool stuff that only cities have - your pick of indie coffeeshops, good restaurants, and a festival for what feels like every weekend in the summer.

One thing Toronto Life and I do agree on. Once you leave the city, it's hard to get back if you want to buy any property.

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